An Affair to Remember (1957)


The perfect love story that takes twists and turns and results in one of the most memorable endings ever.  Deborah Kerr is stunning with her accent and wit, and Cary Grant plays the part of the bachelor known for his trysts with women.

A chance meeting leads to an unexpected love affair, while both want to continue the relationship they have “loose ends” to fix.  To me this movie is a PERFECT blend of “chick flick” elements, but twists and turns that work for us males.  Of course, it has the famous line “where will you be in 6 months?”

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr have some great on screen chemistry…Deborah Kerr is very unappreciated as an actress but she is irresistible as a prudish, engaged woman who wants to do things the proper way.  Cary Grant is as debonaire as ever…smooth talking, and sure of himself, until he falls in love.

Bring your handkerchief, this movie will bring you through a range of emotions…one of the great, great endings in a movie…an ending you will always remember.

Todd Morgan
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