Bus Stop (1956)


Marilyn Monroe in her finest performance…hard to believe that she wasn’t nominated for an Academy Award.  Marilyn Monroe is an under-appreciated talent who had the ability to make us fall in love with a simple-minded character who had to learn the deeper and more complicated lessons in life through practical experience.

An implausible story of a cowboy who has never had anything to do with women but instantly falls in love with a showgirl who is a tramp.  He sees her beauty and sees her as an angel.

Marilyn Monroe plays a showgirl determined to make it to hollywood, but gets sidetracked with “bus stops” and less than savory employment.  Don McLean plays a crazy, tough acting brute who forces himself upon Marilyn Monroe.   She is taken aback and doesn’t know how to deal with his advances…so he just kidnaps her.  Don McLean’s character is annoying and over-the-top which detracts from the overall luster of this movie, but Marilyn shines through as a real talent.

This is the battle of the Sexes movie has a real undercurrent of information about what makes a woman like a man, and vice versa.  Marilyn Monroe only made films for 14 years.  Her status and star has risen more and more since her death as people not only appreciate her “figure” but also her “brains” and her “acting”.

Great camerawork at the ending of this movie as the lens catches them close up.  The guy gets the girl as he learns to respect women and treat them with honor and kindness.  8 Stars…not for the plot, but for the great acting by Marilyn Monroe–which really is a must see.

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