Dial M for Murder (1954)


One of the truly great plots in a movie by none other then the Master of Suspense–Alfred Hitchcock.  Of course this movie has the ever beautiful Grace Kelly…this was the heyday of her popularity.  But what makes this movie a classic is “the plot.”

This is the movie that defines a “murder mystery” gone wrong.  This is my 2nd favorite Hitchcock movie and I have seen them all.  Psycho is my 3rd favorite Hitchcock movie mainly because it is just too disturbing to watch! I just think this movie has universal appeal because of the clever plot, great acting, and wonderful ending.

1954 was the greatest year for Grace Kelly…she also starred in “Rear Window” and “The Country Girl.”


What makes this movie so unique and wonderful, is the dialogue that goes back and forth between the players on how to commit a murder.  This is a “thinking man’s” movie, as you have to follow the ideas and try to come to your own conclusions about what is happening.  This is a thriller/suspense, but with the feel of a “broadway play.”

Ray Milland is the scheming husband, Grace Kelly is the unsuspecting wife, and then a friend and an inspector try to solve the crime.  Grace Kelly proves that she is more than just a pretty face, with a wonderful, yet subdued performance.  It is so easy to get distracted just observing how beautiful Grace Kelly is.  Ray Milland may be the most likable villain ever in a movie.  He seems so nice, but is so scheming.

This movie has one of the best endings of all time.  Alfred Hitchcock the master of suspense delivers YET ANOTHER surprise ending.  How to solve the crime comes to a climax, when the true killer is revealed.

This is one of the CLASSIC movies that you must see.  It was filmed in Color and in 3D.  Unfortunately, as far as I know the 3D version is not available…but oh well, you cant have everything now can you!

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