Hang ‘Em High (1968)


Very Entertaining movie with a young Clint Eastwood who becomes a lawman in a lawless territory.  I liked this movie for it’s message all well as the story.

Even in the old west, you can’t just take the law into your own hands.  As a lawman, it was easier to just execute folks or just plain hang ’em, but as this region was trying to become a state, they needed to ensure their police rangers capture criminals and then bring them to the county seat for Justice in front of a judge and/or jury.

Clint Eastwood performs the impossible–bringing 3 criminals across the desert on horseback to be tried in front of a judge who subsequently sentences them to be hung.  Clint Eastwood struggles with the Judge’s interpretation of the law (for a good reason), and then eventually settles and old score with an old fashioned shoot out.

Of course, Clint Eastwood is in his normal role of a man of few words with a penetrating stare who is also full of anger and revenge.

A wonderful performance by Pat Hingle, who plays the Chief Justice.  He offers some stirring lines about the importance of the legal system, and makes some impassioned pleas to keep Clint Eastwood on the job.  He is a cocky guy who runs the show, but also acknowledges the necessity for keeping this imperfect system working.

This movie also stars the mysterious Inger Stevens, a Sweden babe who had a great figure and strking features, but plays a very confused and quiet role in this movie.  She died of suicide at a young age and this was on of the movies that made her more popular at the time.

Very entertaining movie, somewhat long, but definitely worth watching at least once.  One of Clint Eastwood’s first westerns in a Leading Role.  I rated this film 8 stars…good to dust this one off every once in a while!

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