Meet John Doe (1941)


It is fun moviemaking when Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper come together for the delightful comedy which has a strong message.  This movie was made at the time of World War II, and also as we were still in the depression.  So this comedy made hearts lighter, brought in some fun, but also reminded viewers of the important responsibilities that ALL Americans have.

Fun and enjoyable, this movie is a pleasure to watch.  Barabara Stanwyck is her normal amazing self as a vivacious reporter who needs to find a new angle to revitalize her career and the popularity of the newspaper.  She has so many great movies…other favorites include “Ball of Fire” (again with Gary Cooper)–10 Stars, “The Lady Eve” (with Henry Fonda)–10 Stars, “Sorry Wrong Number”–8 Stars, “Stella Dallas”–8 Stars, “Remember the Night”–8 Stars.

Gary Cooper is a normal guy, unemployed, you has fallen on hard times.  Before he knows it, he is representing a character which is fabricated, but brings promise and hope to thousands of struggling Americans.  There are so many Gary Cooper films but I would also recommend watching “Pride of the Yankees”–10 Stars, “Ball of Fire”–10 Stars (Billy Wilder wrote the screenplay–Howard Hawkes was the Director), “Friendly Persuasion”–8 Stars, High Noon (with Grace Kelly)–9 Stars, “Sergeant York”–8 Stars.

Edward Arnold deliver another fine performance as a Facist who believe the U.S. should rule with an iron fist.  Edward Arnold was a popular actor who had many excellent performances in a supporting role…including some of the greatest movies ever made–movies like “You Can’t Take it With You”–8 Stars,  “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”–8 Stars, and “Easy Living” (a Preston Sturges film)–9 Stars.

A first rate plot, an incredible riot scene, a love story, and a movie with a message:  Don’t just blindly trust the media or any elected your homework, and follow true patriots, not facists, socialists, or communists.

Barbara Stanwyck is my favorite actress because of the sheer number of movies that she made that for me are 8 stars or higher.  She is so fun…her energy, her excitement, and her heartbreak, and ultimately her compassion.  The smart dame and the dumb, clueless guy almost always make the potential for a great plot…and in this one–It works  brilliantly.

I rated this movie 8 stars.  One you will want to view every few years…an enjoyable comedy with a patriotic message and a love story that stirs your soul.

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