Mogambo (1959)


A fun and entertaining movie shot in Africa.  Ava Gardner in one of her best performances, and a young Grace Kelly.  Ava Gardner is sassy and sexy in this one, I really enjoyed her performance here.  John Ford, king of westerns, directs this rather light-hearted affair.

This movie has some great scenes with Animals…Ava Gardner’s character has to learn to feed that animals, and also talks to them.  Lots of monkeys, elephants, gorrillas, lions, and tigers…dealing with the animals makes this movie a lot of fun.

Clark Gable falls in love with two women in this movie…both are smitten for him and both are heartbroken as he mistreats them.  Clark Gable isn’t much of a romantic in this one, he’s more of a brute, but the thrill of chasing big game animals lures in the women like crazy.

This movie is really all about Ava Gardner…she is very funny in this movie and puts everyone in their place…but ultimately realizes that she is no better than her travelling crew of misfits.  Clark Gable had the same role 20 years earlier, and this reprise was good, but not great.

7 Stars.  A fun movie to watch for Ava Gardner’s performance…and of course a young and beautiful Grace Kelly.

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