My Man Godfrey (1936)


A screwball comedy of real-life former lovers, Carole Lombard and William Powell.   A group of socialites hire a butler and he surprises them all with his wit and charm.

Features a great cast with engaging performances.   This is a very entertaining film that you will enjoy.


This group is crazy and nutty…that’s what makes this movie so enjoyable.  Carole Lombard is very funny, Gail Patrick plays a conniving sister, and William Powell is a cool cat that can do no wrong.   Everyone else in the cast is also crazy in different ways.

A funny movie that is worth viewing at least once.   William Powell and Carole Lombard were at the pinnacle of their fame.  William also starred in “The Great Ziegfield” in the same year, and is better known in his role as Nick Charles, in “The Thin Man” and its sequels.

7 stars mainly because it was a bit too nutty for me, and I really couldn’t imagine William Powell as a butler…but great performances all around.  I know some will disagree with me.

Todd Morgan
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