Niagara (1953)


A nearly perfect movie with everything you want! Marilyn Monroe as sexy and as talented as ever, Joseph Cotten as her angry, vengeful husband, and Jean Peters who gets roped into this saga accidentally and steals the shows at the end.  One of the movies with the most beautiful scenery, as the film takes place at Niagara Falls.

The reason why I like this movie so much is it has everything you want in a great film.  Sometimes you feel pity for Marilyn or for her husband whose relationship has deteriorated.  Other times you feel the love and happiness of new honeymooners.  The next minute you are on a suspense ride of danger and foul play.  There is beauty everywhere…scenes of niagara and of course Marilyn Monroe in the role I enjoy her the most in.  This was the APEX of her beauty and charm…she plays the cheating wife and boy does she shine.  Her presence, her curves, her charm, and her manipulating ways.

As great as Marilyn Monroe is in this movie, and also as menacing and confusing as Joseph Cotten is, this movie moves up the charts for me because of the performance from Jean Peters.  I think we all had a time in our lives where we were young and innocent.  We may have had some inkling that danger was near, but we were too naive to really understand the implications.  Jean Peters is that person in this film…she is very beautiful in her own right.  Caught in her innocence between an angry, vengeful husband, and low, dirty-dealing wife, now she must fend off a killer and save her life from the grips of either a killer or the Niagara Falls itself.

This movie builds from the innocent, happy-go-lucky stage, to the problematic, uncertainty stage, to the dangerous and fearful stage, to the plot of murder and killer on the loose terror, then to its exhilarating climax near the falls.

This is really on one of my favorite movies–10 stars.  Marilyn Monroe in one of her best performances with maximum sex appeal and some really great acting.  Suspense and Intrigue build until the end.  Beautiful music and expansive scenery in and around Niagara Falls.  Great performances by Joseph Cotten and Jean Peters.  Danger is lurking…innocence, treachery, depression, and revenge…lovers reunite=PERFECT SUSPENSE FILM!

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