Nothing Sacred (1937)


This is a delightful screwball comedy from the 30’s which is very entertaining.  This movie is funny and smart, with a great plot, and wonderful acting by Carole Lombard.

You will never forget “Hazel Flagg” after this movie.  She is desperate for stardom and adventures, and before she knows it she winds up being one of the biggest sensations in New York and beyond.  Problem is that she is living a lie.

Lots of funny moments in this movie that stand on their own.  In the era of YouTube, there are many YouTube moments in this one, short clips that are very funny in their own right.

This movie is all about Carole Lombard who is very funny and very dramatic in this role.  This is her best performance in any movie, she is very animated and funny in this one.

Frederich March does a solid job.  He is a bit stiff for my liking, but I suppose that was the nature of his character.  A career minded man who had a hard time expressing his feeling or even finding time for romance.

One of the first movies filmed in Technicolor.  It actually looks great for its age.  Great scenes from New York City in this one.

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This movie is 8 stars, I suggest you see if for yourself and then decide whether you like it more than I did.  A really funny moivie with superb acting

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