Shadow of a Doubt (1943)


A thoroughly riveting movie with a great opening!  Easily in my top 5 Alfred Hitchcock movies, this movie could possibly be the BEST Hitchcock movie ever!  This is Hitchcock’s first U.S. masterpiece…other movies before this were good, even very good, but this movie is superb.

This is a classic, how to make a suspense movie.   DO NOT READ REVIEWS before watching this movie…let this movie surprise you.  Let this movie reel you in…with it’s simple, but also complicated plot.,

This movie is about a family–and how much trust and love we have for people we don’t know that well (cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.).

This movie shows how ordinary people can get involved with others with a questionable character–and lead down dark and scary paths.  This movie is a masterpiece in fooling your emotions and sending you down paths of uncertainty and doubt…hence the name, “Shadow of a Doubt.”

This movie stars Teresa Wright, who is a favorite among classic movie buffs like myself.  Teresa Wright is a gem, and one of my most favorite actresses, due to her natural good looks, great onscreen persona, and her convincing performances.  She plays a 19 year old girl, and she pulls it off easily.  You will absolutely love Teresa Wright–she is an exquisite actress…nominated for 3 Academy Awards in her first 3 movies, which has never been done before or since.

This movie has a strong human element which draws you into the lives of the characters in a way the very few movies can do.  You instantly “like” the character that Joseph Cotten plays, as an interesting, somewhat daring guy who lives life on the edge. I personally think this is Joseph Cotten’s best performance in his long and illustrious career as a somewhat overshadowed, and forgetten actor.  Joseph Cotten was in many, many very good, and some great movies like “The Third Man” and “Niagara.”

This movie really has a great musical score by Dimitri Tiomkin…it really adds to the movie as the movie has elements of levity and joy, and elements of darkness and brooding characters.  Eventually, the two worlds collide, and the musical score makes this movie palpitating.

This movie is a masterpiece…a Hitchcock thriller that will surprise you!  See Joseph Cotten and Teresa Wright…under-appreciated actors who are really two of the BEST of all-time.

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