Some Came Running (1958)


Shirley MacLaine delivers a funny and a moving performance, and one of the best of all-time.   This movie is classic, and a truly memorable movie with incredible camerawork, lighting, colors, and music.

The movie has a great plot and great acting.  Frank Sinatra plays a great part as a callous, gambling fool who is looking for the next thrill, and doesn’t care about who he hurts along the way.  Dean Martin is his sidekick who also enjoys carefree living as a gambling professional…this is Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin’s first movie together well before they formed the famous “rat pack.”

But this movie is also about two wonderful performances by women.

Marth Hyer delivers a powerful performance as a woman who desperately wants love, but is conflicted on moral and intellectual grounds.  She is beautiful in her own right, and delivers an emotionally charged performance.

Shirley MacLaine plays a simple party girl who kind of seems kind of unmemorable through the first half of the movie, but then as the plot unfolds and she steals the show and shapes a surprising ending.  One of the greatest scenes I’ve ever seen in a movie occurs when Shirley MacLaine confronts Martha Hyer at the schoolhouse.  I absolutely love her performances in this movie plus “The Apartment” “The Trouble with Harry” and “Irma La Douce.”  She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in this movie, and she deserved to win.

I really fell in love with Vincente Minelli especially in this film.  The lighting and the camerawork of this movie in the club, at the carnival, and in so many other scenes…a master’s touch.   The movie creates powerful imagery–light and dark scenes, colors everywhere, and beautiful sets..  A wonderful movie with a surprising twist at the end.

James Jones wrote the book, a 1,200 page soap opera.  He also wrote the book “From Here to Eternity” another Hollywood classic.  I’ve come to learn that if it is a James Jones book, it will almost always be a great movie.

Great performances from Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Martha Hyer, and Shirley MacLaine.  One of my favorite performances ever by Shirley MacLaine.,,one for the ages.

I rated this movie a 10 our of 10…this is a very under-rated movie that will surprise you–don’t be swayed by other critics or negative reviews, this movie is excellent especially toward the end.

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