The Killing (1956)


This is a fast paced movie with a unique method of delivery which only the mind of Stanley Kubrick could develop.  The movie tracks the lives of about 10 people involved in a complicated heist, with this “set on the edge of your seat” thriller.

This movie is rated 9 stars, and the only thing that stopped it from being 10 stars was the ending which was satisfactory, but not amazing.  The strength of this movie is the plot and it’s delivery.  This is a complicated movie which is delivered in a “heart pounding” style with great precision and masterfulness.


Probably one of the most unique Film Noir movies of the era due to the “timestamp” approach to discussing what happened when and where at different times of the day.  The movie fast forwards and then rewinds, constantly tracking the intricacies of one of the most complicated heists.

The plot works for all the right reasons.  Love, Jealousy, Human Error, unplanned events, and finally a faulty piece of equipment.

This movie really builds to a climax, and keeps you wondering what will happen next.


Stanley Kubrick is a very controversial director who only made 15 movies in his lifetime, but they are some of the most talked about movies ever.  “A Clockwork Orange” “2001: A Space Oddessy” “The Shining” and “Dr. Strangelove.”  I will admit that Stanley Kubrick is unconventional, but that’s what adds to his intrigue as a director, you really never know what to expect in his movies.  They tend to be completely unconventional and usually a totally unique viewing experience.


A decent ending that seemed like it ended too soon.  There was no final confrontation.  Don’t be swayed, this is one of the greatest movies you will ever see in terms of delivery and suspense, it falls just short of 10 stars because of the ending, so I rate it 9 stars.

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