The Lady Eve (1941)


One of the truly great romantic comedies of all-time captivating you with seduction, double crossing, and crazy characters.  An incredible movie with a totally unique plot.  Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda make a great pair in this one.  This movie is on my MUST SEE list.

Barbara Stanwyck is one of the best, and she lives up to the billing in this one as a conniving yet lovable creature.  Stanwyck has such a seductive and appealing ability in films, she lures you in and you are hooked.  Henry Fonda is an innocent soul who is not quite ready for the antics Stanwyck can lay on a man.

The plot for this movie is so unique and entertaining.  It starts off very tame and then things get out of control.  Then a major twist in the film, and an unexpected 2nd half of the movie.  Of course, there is a great ending.

This movie will go down as one of the best mainly because the movie is essentially TWO different movies…with Stanwyck playing a completely different character for the second half of the movie.  I guess we all from time to time wish we were someone else…more famous, richer, or more appreciated, well in this movie, Stanwyck pulls it off.

There are a lot of memorable phrases and dialog here.  Plus some wickedly funny falls by Henry Fonda.  Charles Coburn is very funny as Barbara’s father, and Henry Fonda tries to keep it straight.  How Henry Fonda can keep a straight face in his part is beyond me.

This film will endure forever mainly because of the quality of the performances.  Barbara Stanwyck has a memorable character which is sexy but complicated and comes with a whole lot of baggage if any man DARE be interested in her.  At times you are laughing, other times crying, and other times cringing at the thought of her double-crossing nature.  Henry Fonda plays an innocent and gullible soul so well, but he gets smarter as the movie goes on, until he must admit that he was wrong about a lot of things.

One of the greatest Romantic Comedies ever made…a simply stellar film which I have rated a 10.  I have seen it many times and it continues to be a favorite…many great performances and a wacky plot that keeps you entertained all the way to the end!


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