The Lady Vanishes (1938)


The best of Alfred Hitchcock’s British films and an absolute masterpiece!  I came into this movie with low expectations, and I was shocked at how great this movie is.  So many unique camera tricks, plus an extraordinary plot, and great character development, makes this movie absolutely amazing.

Margaret Lockwood, a young and beautiful actress, delivers a memorable performance of a woman who is sure that a lady has vanished, although everyone on the train has denied seeing her.  You can see that she was quite a star in her day.

This is really a unique plot tracking the lives of various people and what there motivations are to either LIE or TELL the truth.  There are many memorable characters in this film both OLD and YOUNG and of course, a leading lady and a leading man.

The movie explores the lives of various characters who will eventually board a train. Once on the train the twists and turns are plentiful.  Of course, there is a heroine who pursues the

This movie develops a lot of interesting characters.  Young single women on holiday, two businessmen just looking to get home without delay or hassles, An older woman who seems clueless and naive, a lady have an affair with a prominent man who are trying to keep their relationship a secret, and a folk singer who loves to play music and teach dancing lessons…now this is a TRULY unique cast!

This movie has a very suprising twist toward the end of the movie, and then a somewhat surprising ending.  It was definately a unique twist that made this movie even more enjoyable.

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