To Catch a Thief (1955)

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant

This is Alfred Hitchock’s most beautiful movie with two of the biggest stars of their era:  Grace Kelly and Cary Grant.  This is one of my most favorite movies.  What great chemistry this movie has between Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.  These are two actors at the top of their game, and the movie bedazzles you with “her charm” and “his coolness.”  She was 26 and he was 51, but you would never know it when you see the sparks fly.

The cinematography by long-time Hitchcock collaborator Robert Burks was shot on location in the French Riviera.  There are many famous scenes in this movie which take place on the rugged coastline in Monaco on some very narrow and dangerous roads that have cliffs.  Grace Kelly would later leave Hollywood and marry Prince Ranier of Monaco.  27 years after this movie was made she would die in a car accident not far from where scenes from this movie were filmed on September 14, 1952.

This movie is in COLOR, and it really has some of the most beautiful cinematography ever in a movie.

This movie is a Thriller, a suspense…but also has many dramatic and comedic elements.  In today’s terms, we would call the movie a “Romantic Comedy.”  The sex appeal of Grace Kelly is palpitating, and the restraint of Cary Grant is mind-numbing.  This is one “cool cat” dancing with a “jaw dropping” kitten.

This is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest films in terms of universal appeal.  No matter what your age, this is one you can appreciate and enjoy.

Grace Kelly – this is her best performance in a movie, only rivaled by Rear Window.  She is simply and utterly breathtakingly beautiful in this movie.  She is the most beautiful actress ever to grace the silver screen (no pun intended!).  She wears many different luxurious outfits and even dons a bathing suit in this one.

Cary Grant — He was toward this end of his career…this movie was one of his swan song.  He is debonaire and mysterious.  He has a suave and natural acting style which seems almost effortless

One of the Greatest movies of all-time.  A pure delight, and a movie which will cause you to fall in love with two of the greatest stars in the history of film.

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