Witness for the Prosecution (1957)


Billy Wilder is a cinematic genius–the director of some of the craziest comedies in history, directs a masterpiece in suspense.  This movie has one of the most surprising endings in this history of movies.  In fact, the movie has a warning…and asks you NOT to reveal the ending.

This is truly a great movie, which has been unmatched in over 50 years.  Billy Wilder stole a page from Alfred Hitchcock’s book.

This is the definitive courtroom suspense which delivers many turns and twists until the final ending.  Billy Wilder is in my mind the 1st or 2nd greatest director/writer of all-time.  The plot of this movie is incredible.  The ending twists and turns until its final conclusion.

Charles Laughton is magnificent as an old man who is supposed to be “taking it easy” due to a recent heart attack, he reluctantly takes on the case of the mysterious, and not forthcoming character of Tyrone Power.  Charles Laughton makes this movie very enjoyable.

Marlene Dietrich delivers a marvelous performance, which for some unknown reason did not receive an Academy Award nomination.

This is Tyrone Power’s last movie, and although he doesn’t show his full range of skills, he delivers a solid performance.

What I love most about this movie, is that you think you have figured out the end of the movie, and then all of sudden you find out that you didn’t at all.  Billy Wilder pulls off the great surprise.  This movie joins “The Sting” and “The Sixth Sense” and other movies with a very surprising ending, but Witness for the Prosecution is the GREATEST OF THEM ALL!  This movie is unmatched in over 50 years as the greatest ending ever in a movie.  Watch it, and then you are sworn to secrecy to not reveal the ending to anyone else!

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