You Can’t Take It With You (1938)


A really great madcap comedy with many memorable performances.  Marriage causes a battle of the classes in Frank Capra’s near masterpiece which teaches us all “money isn’t everything.”

This movie won Best Picture for 1938, and although it is not one of my most favorite movies, there is no doubt that this movie is very, very funny in places, and has a wonderful message overall.

This movie is memorable for a few reasons.  One is how seriously happy and funny are the characters in the “poor” house.  Everyone has a hobby, has talents and interests, but the one thing they lack is money.

Contrast that with the “complicated and stressful” lives of the “upper” class.  The interaction between the “classes” is really funny and creates all kinds of crazy movie moments.

I hope everybody making the movie had as much fun as I did watching it.  This movie falls just short of a gem, but is a very delightful movie that you will really enjoy–I would call it a “minor classic.”

This movie has a huge cast of well known movie stars at the time, and a very young Jimmy Stewart.

Lionel Barrymore is the uncle of a nutty family who has so many quirks.  He delivers a solid performance.

James Stewart is busy wooing Jean Arthur, and their courtship falls apart and then almost comes back together and then falls apart again.  Jimmy Stewart shows the passion and raw acting talent that would make him a huge star.

Edward Arnold does a superb job as a wealth snob.  In some ways, he steals the show at the end.  I really enjoyed his performance here.

8 out of 10, a really funny movie, that captures your imagination most of the time…with some very strong performances.


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