A Place in the Sun (1951)


A movie that draws you in with sensuality and drama as a perfect love story goes awry.  A powerful movie that won 6 Academy Awards.


This movie really packs a punch with a brooding main character, Montgomery Clift, who has good looks but is an awkward introvert who falls for an ultra-sexy Elizabeth Taylor.


This is really a great movie…bringing you through a range of emotions…the happy moments are really happy and the dark moments are really dark.  The movie shows us how good things can be but then contrasts that with an intense human drama a man who lived for expediency and developed a troublesome personality unable to face reality and looking for a quick way out.


This a movie that keeps you guessing.  The truth is hard to find and in the end you are left to wonder…did justice prevail?  A Powerful love, a forbidden love, anger, jealousy, betrayal, and murder…or was it?

The movie that tugs on your emotions as innocence and naivety meets trouble…some really BIG TROUBLE.


A great performance by the main characters but the  including Shelly Winters who plays a plain Jane character full of suspicion and jealousy.  Also of note is the performance of a Raymond Burr who 6 years after the film was released he took on the role of Perry Mason in the ultra popular TV drama series.


This film was completed in 1949 but not released until 1951 that gave director George Stevens an extra year to perfect the editing of the story.  There is really great camerawork here.  This was meant to be a blockbuster and it did not disappoint…it was the most popular that year.


This is a movie that is a must see for every classic film lover.  A great plot with huge stars that really give the film a universal appeal.  Just misses perfection…9 Stars Out of 10.



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