Baby Doll (1956)


Could this be the sexiest movie ever?  Maybe…a powerful tale of seduction and restraint with a beautiful 25-year old Carroll Baker whose pure beauty and naivety make this Tenessee Williams script an incredible erotic thriller.


Sometimes a Tennessee Williams play translates well into movies and sometimes it is too hard to bring the character acting into a convincing script that works.  Baby Doll gets a solid A for bringing in a seductress who as a young woman is married to a drunkard who lacks the brains for business and must resort to desperate acts to hold has marriage together.


Movie does not disappoint except perhaps in the ending where the moviegoer must interpret the final result.  Carroll Baker is stunningly beautiful and it’s easy to be drawn into her seductikve ways…Eli Wallach is in many ways the surprising romantic counterpart for a lonely and confused young woman.  The camerawork is excellent…the movie contains many wonderful scenes which create some incredible sexual tension while still remaining classy and restrained.  Elia Kazan’s use of “extras” adds some interesting spice into the film…as Southern slaves must have really pitied their bosses fighting and bickering.


This movie reminds us of the desperate acts that men are willing to do to attract and keep love in their life…in real life, this Southern tragedy is an exaggeration, but it makes great drama on screen.  As money disappears and times harden some of the lower class rely on crime to provide and turn around their situation.

This movie combines the sexual tension with the unpredictable tension of hate and violence.


Is this the sexiest movie ever?  Quite possibly…this movie made the list of the NY Times best 1,000 movies of all time…I wouldn’t argue…9 Stars out of 10.


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