Barbara Stanwyck

Ball of Fire
Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper thrill audiences in “Ball of Fire” a Screwball comedy by Director Howard Hawks and Screenplay writer Billy WIlder

MUST SEE MOVIES (9s and 10s)

1. Ball of Fire – 10 Stars (Written by Billy Wider this is one of the funniest movies ever with a great screwball plot! Gary Cooper is a simple man that gets taken by a sophisticated girl!).  Get your copy of this DVD at

2. The Lady Eve – 10 Stars (She seduces Henry Fonda not one but TWICE. This is one of the great classic movies with romance, cheating, revenge, and reconciliation…ENJOY!) Watch this movie ONLINE at

3. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers – 9 Stars (A wonderful cast and a mesmerizing plot! Kirk Douglas and Van Helflin fight over Stanwyck’s character who is cunning and cold. Watch this movie ONLINE at


1. Double Indemnity – 8 Stars (Some would rate this movie higher…It is a very good show. Forbidden love, betrayal, and loyalty of a lover are highlighted which results in a man’ s desparate suicide explanation)

2. Remember the Night – 8 Stars (a thoroughly enjoyable film)

3. Meet John Doe – 8 Stars (Very funny with Gary Cooper)

4. Baby Face – 8 Stars (A great performance…using sexual persuation to get your way to the top…mezmerizing)

5. Stella Dallas – 8 Stars (What a mother will do for a child…priceless)

6. Sorry Wrong Number – 8 Stars (This was an Academy Award performance of a frightened, sick woman who fears her life is in danger)

7. Breakfast for Two – 8 Stars (a very short movie but I was surprised at how much I liked it)

8. Christmas in Connecticut – 7 Stars (Absolutely enjoyable Movie…I love to watch it at Christmas!)

9. Executive Suite – 7 Stars (Entertaining!)

10. Titanic – 7 Stars (A Movie that is very memorable…especially as the ship starts sinking)

11. Annie Oakley – 7 Stars (This movie is really a gem watch the rise of Annie Oakley and Will Bill Hickock and his traveling Wild West show)

12. A Woman in Jeopardy – 7 Stars (A surprisingly great film…suspense and intrigue!)

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