National Velvet (1944)

May 3, 2016 Todd Morgan 0

 One of the finest family films ever made…a young Mickey Rooney and a 12-year old Elizabeth Taylor delight in this wonderful movie about new beginnings, […]

I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955)

January 21, 2015 Todd Morgan 0

 The true, heartbreaking story of broadway star Lilian Roth who faces powerful addiction problems that derail her life, multiple marriages, and her own relationship with […]

North by Northwest (1959)

July 13, 2014 Todd Morgan 0

 Possibly Alfred Hitchcock’s best movie…a classic in so many ways.  A clever plot, mysterious characters, and of course leading man Cary Grant…the master of suspense […]

Niagara (1953)

July 19, 2014 Todd Morgan 0

 A nearly perfect movie with everything you want! Marilyn Monroe as sexy and as talented as ever, Joseph Cotten as her angry, vengeful husband, and […]

The Lady Eve (1941)

June 30, 2014 Todd Morgan 0

 One of the truly great romantic comedies of all-time captivating you with seduction, double crossing, and crazy characters.  An incredible movie with a totally unique […]