I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955)


The true, heartbreaking story of broadway star Lilian Roth who faces powerful addiction problems that derail her life, multiple marriages, and her own relationship with her mother.  A powerful acting performance by a Susan Hayward who unbelievably did not win the Academy Award in that year for best actress.


When tragedy strikes Lilian Roth as a young woman she cannot overcome her grief and struggles to cope. She turns to alcohol for comfort and consolation and an addiction that she cannot shake.

A famous person with the fame and accolades becomes a shadow of her former self because of addiction.  It seems remarkable that someone so talented would lose everything to the point of homelessness and despair.

But this movie is memorable because of how believable the performance of Susan Hayward is…a powerhouse performance that thoroughly convinces us that she is the very troubled woman of Lillian Roth.  One of the best acting performances you will ever see.


Finally after years of addiction and losing everything even a precious relationship with her own mother Lilian finds hope at an Alcoholics Annonymous center and begins the challenging road to breaking her addiction.  As she breaks free from addiction she realizes that she has a story to tell and bravely warns the whole world how powerful alcohol abuse can be.

There are some very touching scenes in this movie and I will admit that this movie brought me to tears a few different times!  the scene between Lilian and her mother after she breaks the bottle of Alchohol and Lilian flys off the handle into a fi of rage was just heartbreaking.


A simply unforgettable movie that shows us how powerful addiction can be.  A memorable performance by a Susn Hayward.  Only 90 minutes long.  10 Stars Out of 10.


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