Lili (1953)

Lili (1953)

A whimsical adventure of a young teenage girl who learns of love and betrayal while conversing with 4 puppets who are part of an act in the carnival.  An enjoyable movie which combines childhood “make believe” with adult circumstances of teenage infatuation, lovers betrayals, and ultimate true love.


This movie doesn’t offer a complex plot but that doesn’t stop one from admiring the performances of Leslie Caron and Mel Ferrar.  Leslie is sweet and innocent while she encounters a complex world of jealousy, anger, and disappointments.  She finds an escape to a wonderful world with a puppeteer whose hardened personality finds expressions of joy and love through voicing of puppets.

Singing and dancing her way into stardom in “An American in Paris,” Leslie Caron continues with an innocent yet captivating performance, but the most memorable scenes of this movie are the puppet acts with Lili answering questions from the puppets with the different voices and characters.


This is a fun movie for the whole family it involves beautiful costumes, carnival acts, witty dialogue, and some singing and dancing as well.  Somehow you can’t help falling in love with Lili…this is just an adorable movie with a “coming of age” story that delivers a beautiful climax with many memorable characters.  8 Stars out of 10.

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