Movies by Rating

How I Rate Movies:

Basically, I rate movies on a simple formula:

10 Star Movies:  Movies that enjoy seeing over and over and over.  Basically these 10 Star movies i rarely ever get sick of seeing them.   These are the movies that have an incredible plot, great acting, and great cinematography.  These are the BEST of the BEST.  These are the movies I recommend you watch first.

9 Star Movies:  Movies I enjoy a lot, and wouldn’t mind watching them once a year, but they have some minor small flaws.  These are GREAT movies that I wouldn’t mind watching occasionally, but don’t quite rise to the level of a Masterpiece.

8 Star Movies:  Really good movies that I enjoyed watching once, but will rarely ever see them again.  Mostly these movies may have been higher on someone else’s list but for me, they just didn’t capture my imagination enough.  These are movies worth seeing, and to decide for yourself.

7 Star Movies:  These are good movies that are entertaining, but are not worth more than a one-time viewing.   These are movies that may have some great acting and some good scenes, but lack the overall plot or development of characters to warrant any higher placement on a list.

6 Star Movies or Below…I do rate movies 6 or below on IMDB, but for the purposes of this blog, I do not.

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