Some Like It Hot (1959)


For some, the greatest comedy of all time, I wouldn’t go that far but this is a very funny screwball comedy with a seductive onslaught by Marilyn Monroe and the cross dressing duo of Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.  To be sure this is a very creative comedy featuring Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis as women who hang out as part of all ladies band and try to land a marriage partner.


Picking a favorite Billy Wilder movie is really a challenge…there are so many great ones, but in terms of comedies with him as a director this has hot to top the list.  It is smart and funny screwball comedy that draws laughs and more laughs.

Other comedies that are also on the list of all-time great comedies by Billy Wilder include “The Apartment” “Ball of Fire” “One Two Three” “Kiss Me Stupid” “Irma la Douce” “Five Graves to Cairo” and “The Fortune Cookie.”


It is hard for me to understand how this movie passed censorship because Marilyn Monroe definitely turns on the sex appeal.  Her dress is barely legal and of course she plays the clueless blond bombshell better than anyone ever has…it seems so effortless and so natural.

This movie is memorable for many reasons, and one of them is. Marilyn playing the ukulele and singing “I want to be loved by you…boop boop bee doo”


Laugh out loud funny moments in this flick….first they are men and then they are women…There are so many great lines in this film as they discuss their love escapades and court the lady (and man) of their dreams.   This movie has more funny, memorable quotes than most movies…


One of most quoted lines of all time “nobody’s perfect” ends this madcap comedy.  The American Film Institute rates “Some Like It Hot” as the #1 comedy of all time.  I can’t really argue with that,  I mean it is a really funny movie – one of the best.  9 stars out of 10.

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