The Bad and the Beautiful (1952)


A solid and entertaining movie with some big stars and some dramatic moments that gives us an interesting message that people are not as good as we think and not as bad either.  This is a powerful movie that doesn’t rise to the level of “All About Eve” or “Sunset Boulevard” but it is a great movie none the less.

Vincent Minnelli is a great director and his films have great camera work, emotional performances,  and roller coaster scripts…this movie delivers some good surprises.


Probably the strongest thing this movie has to offer is some really great acting performances and some great chemistry between lovers.

Kirk Douglas does his normal passionate and shrewd performance.

Lana Turner is sexy and full of self sabotaging behavior…she always gives an incredible performance and this one is no different.

Gloria Grahame won an academy award even though she has a very limited part, but she has some memorable moments as a bubbly and funny wife of a writer.


I came away from this movie feeling that it gives an interesting moral message…some people are shrewd in business sometimes stepping on other people’s toes, some have demons and destructive behaviors, and some people are just bad, but those same people have many, many times when they have been generous and loving and helpful.

We all can ALL try to see the good in people even though some people are hard to deal with and at times heartless and nasty…


This movie is worth seeing…I rated it an 8 out of 10–It delivers an interesting take on the sometimes cutthroat take on a Hollywood.

Todd Morgan
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