The Gold Rush (1925)


I Can’t say enough good things about this movie…If you have not seen a Charlie Chaplin film this would be a great place to start!  There is a reason why 4 Chaplin films are in the top 100 movies ever made according to user ratings on IMDB.

I was thoroughly blown away by how funny, smart, and romantic this movie is.


This movie reminds me of Popeye and Brutus as it is masterfully comical…it has elements of a Tom and Jerry cartoon combined with an unexpected romantic flair.  There are some really funny scenes in this movie which bring out the originality of Chaplin’s mind, but Chaplin had a rare talent of combining adventure, comedy, suspense, and romance into one epic tale which leaves you in awe that a silent film could accomplish all of that.


One thing the great Chaplin films have is a great script, an unlikely hero, some nasty bad guys, an attractive girl, and loads of adventure and comedy.  There is also some epic camera work in this movie and some amazing stunts.  This film causes you to wonder how this kind of film could be possible in 1925.


So many scenes represent the first time something like that had ever been done on film…the scene with the workers climbing the hill, the scene with the house, and some interesting hallucinations.


This is a movie to enjoy with the whole family…a funny film that has some great adventure and a romantic twist…a smart, clever, and laugh out loud funny Charlie Chaplin masterpiece.  ENJOY..10 stars!

Todd Morgan
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