The Prince and the Showgirl (1957)


A very underrated Marilyn Monroe movie with a wildly funny performance by her as she outsmarts all the royalty, the advisors, the King’s enemies, and saves the kingdom of a small country from ruin.  I am shocked that more people don’t cherish this film like I do.


It is said that Laurence Olivier really had a tough time dealing with Marilyn Monroe’s antics as he directed the film and it was the first film done by Marilyn’s own production company…but on screen this movie has two classicly funny performances.  Laurence Olivier as his royal highness who commands a certain respect and a protocol when interacting with him.  Marilyn as a ditsy sounding but surprisingly clever showgirl who manages to wield an ever increasing role as the film goes on.


i personally think this movie is the perfect Marilyn film…super funny, outrageously sexy, clever in unique ways, and stunningly beautiful in many places.  This is a minor classic which should he discovered by more people.  How Marilyn interacts with royalty trying to be proper and respectful is really funny…Laurence Olivier is also perfect for this role of a self absorbed man trying to win over his countryman.


No one could play the ditsy, sexy, and manipulating role better than Marilyn…nobody thinks she has any brains until she outsmarts them all.  What a talent…she deserves to be watched by more actors and actresses because she was that good.  A surprising 9 Stars for this movie…a somewhat disappointing ending but the ride was well worth it…this is a comedic gem that also shows off Marilyn’s deeper side in a beautiful cathedral scene.  I’ve seen this movie twice and I’m sure I’ll be seeing it again!

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