To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)


A unique drama that makes a powerful statement about racial injustice through the eyes of children.  The movie is slow at times with a lot of dialog but really accelerates toward the middle and end of the movie.


Harper Lee’s memorable novel is the setting for this rural town drama which is told in a unique way.  We can all remember our own childhood where we would play games like make believe or explore down the street looking for treasures, so this movie brings into focus an interesting dichotomy, the innocence of children while uncovering a gruesome plot of murder, rape, and wrongful conviction.

This movie has an ethereal quality where danger is close by, but is never really materializes in the minds of children….the climactic ending reminds us the danger is very real and that the innocence of children needs to be protected…in this case by an unlikely friend.


Of course I’m always drawn to a courtroom drama and this movie doesn’t disappoint.  A small town lawyer taking the case of an uneducated black man in the midst of extreme racial prejudice makes for some memorable scenes and surprise revelations.

Getting justice in the Deep South in the 1930’s through the courtroom was not possible and the ramifications for the injustices lead to an escalated situation.


The essence of this movie is that even though there are ome ugly people out there, most people are kind and good natured, even those that are of a different race, background, or with mental or physical handicaps.

I marvelled at the restraint of the African American community in the wake of such a devastating and violent time, but the movie portrays the human element in a way that is consistent with the theme of evil from a few and tolerance and patience from the rest of us.

GREGORY PECK delivers an Oscar winning performances and it is a memorable one.


A movie with some lighthearted childhood adventures turns into a heavy handed drama with a surprise ending…not my favorite movie ever but definitely one with a compelling storyline and a great message.  8 Stars Out of 10.

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