What’s Up, Doc? (1972)


Certainly one of the funniest movies you will EVER see in your lifetime.  This movie is one of the few movies that will have you ROLLING with laughter…there are some scenes that are so funny that you wonder how in the world did anyone write the script for this movie.

This movie stars a young and beautiful Barbra Streisand who is sexy and funny as ever.  Great cast with Madelline Kahn playing a naive and stubborn woman whose moral values keep her fiance guessing.  Ryan O’Neal is perfect as the scientist that looks more like an athelete than a scientist.

Keeping up with movie is pure enjoyment….I wish Barbra Streisand would have made more films like this…this brings out her sassy, funny character but it is not “over-produced.”  It give just the write amount of fun and tries not to take anything too seriously.

This movie has a mad scramble ending which has everyone fighting against his neighbor with no end in sight…a bumbling judge must sort it all out.


Todd Morgan
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